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8 Useful AI Tools to Make Life Fun & Easier

Curated AI tools from May 14 - May 19, 2023

Here are my new, useful, and interesting AI tool picks of the week to help make your life easier.

These are all FREE (or at least have a free option before subscribing) so you can test it out 👍

Give them a try and let me know what you think!

Every week, I like to try and test out different AI tools that are useful for creators, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Subscribe so you don’t miss out!

Yoodli AI Speech Coach
AI speech coaching to help you speak better

Yoodli offers AI speech coaching for various presentation scenarios, including job interviews, impromptu speeches, investor pitches, corporate presentations, and sales calls. Users can receive personalized and private feedback on their speaking style in real-time.

Quite a unique tool, in my opinion!

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Test and try out AI image models
With Zoo, you can test and try out multiple AI image models with just a click of a button. It's free. Wow! The models they currently support are Stable Diffusion 1.5, Stable Diffusion 2.1, DALL-E, Kandinsky-2, DeepFloyd IF, and Material Diffusion. More to come soon, hopefully!
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Fast way to create social media carousels
A design tool is available to create professional-looking carousels for business or personal purposes, with customizable designs and high-quality export options. Great if you're looking to start getting into making carousels.
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AI assistant for email to increase speed
Superflows is an AI email assistant designed to help you reply to emails faster and more easily. It offers email summaries and pre-generated replies written in your own voice, allowing you to fly through your email with 1-click replies.
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Lalamu Studio
Create lip-sync videos effortlessly with AI
AI technology that offers various lip sync settings, text-to-speech processing, and audio options. There is a demo version of Lalamu Studio available that's free to try.
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Ollie (Gift Finder)
Find the perfect gift for anyone using AI
Need a quick and easy way to get recommendations for gifts? Try this little fun tool called Ollie. Different gifts for any occasion. Had a lot of fun playing around with this!
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Nexus (by Clay)
The first AI navigator for your entire network
AI meets your own personal relationships. This is a really interesting tool making it easier to build personal connections. Nexus has context for relationships and can understand any request. It can help you come up with reasons to get back in touch with someone, make introductions, etc. Useful for freelancers and small-business owners or anybody who's into networking and building connections.
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Create WordPress websites using AI
WPTurbo offers free WordPress generators to help developers with their projects. For example, they have an AI snippet generator that uses machine learning to create code snippets tailored to a specific project. These features are available in beta and will be coming soon, respectively. Looks quite promising for those building with WordPress.
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