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Interested in running a giveaway promotion? 🎁

Are you an entrepreneur with an innovative SaaS AI tool?

Here’s an opportunity to share your product with an engaged and enthusiastic audience.

Our Facebook community is home to over 95,000 members who are passionate about AI, content creation, and entrepreneurship.

Our vibrant community is always eager to discover and explore new tools, and your giveaway could be their next big find!

The concept is simple. You provide a giveaway (free subscription for 3+ months or even better – a lifetime deal) of your SaaS AI tool, and our members get the chance to win. In return, your product receives heightened visibility and exposure. It’s a win-win situation!

At present, we’re enthusiastically welcoming collaborations for such giveaways.

We’re committed to ensuring our community gets access to the best AI and SaaS tools out there, so we’re currently only accepting these types of products.

Please note that we do not accept books, info products, or “prompt packs” for giveaway promotions.

Please contact us if you’re interested and we’ll review if it’s a good fit.