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7 Side Hustle Ideas to Earn Additional Income Online

Today, there are plenty of opportunities you can take to earn additional income online, such as by working on various side hustles. Side hustles are projects you can work on aside from your primary job. So, you can do these side hustles in your spare time. Just be mindful about the spare time available for you to work on them. Here are 7 side hustle ideas to earn additional income online:

  • Creating Online Courses

When you go to sites like Udemy, you will find various online courses available to purchase at various prices. The good news is that if you have some skills to share, you can create your own courses and sell them on sites like Udemy. You can earn money from the online courses you provide to others on different topics based on your expertise. By doing this, you can also establish yourself as an expert in your field.

  • Buying and Selling Stuff Online

Another quick way to make additional income is to buy and sell stuff online. So, you’ll become a small merchant at first, and then you can expand on it if you succeed. You can choose any niche to delve into and then buy some products related to that niche. You can sell them on various online marketplaces and make some profits by doing so. Also, you can sell the stuff you already have to earn even more money from your trade.

  • Freelancing Gigs

There are plenty of freelancing websites you can join in right now, and you can find plenty of gigs available for you to complete there. Completing some freelancing gigs will take some time depending on your expertise. But you will earn a steady income online if you can do it right. There are plenty of categories you can explore, and you can accept the gigs that you can complete within the deadline. 

  • Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you can promote products from various vendors online and get a commission every time you make a sale in your promotion. You will promote the products using your referral or affiliate links, and you can track your progress and find out your conversion percentage, the number of sales you make, and so on. There are plenty of affiliate programs you can join in. Pick the one that you like and start the promotion process right away.

  • Selling Website Themes

Every website needs a good theme to make it even more appealing for the website visitors. Website owners will need to purchase website themes to change their site’s appearance and improve the site’s user experience. As there are millions of websites out there, selling website themes can give you a lot of profit if you can put yourself in front of website owners who need it. There are also platforms that sell premium website templates, which give you the license to resell these templates to other people. 

  • Creating Your Own Digital Products

There are various types of digital products you can create. But the most common type and perhaps the easiest one to create is ebooks. You can write your own e-books and sell it online to earn extra money from it. You can write fiction or nonfiction ebooks, depending on your preferences. With fiction ebooks, your imagination is the only limit. It can also establish yourself as a popular self-published author if you can create an excellent series for your fiction books. 

  • Making Mobile Apps

Nowadays, people do their daily activities with the help of apps on their mobile phones. Whether they are doing fitness activities, cooking, reading, navigating, or any other daily activities, they will rely on their mobile apps to get the job done. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to earn plenty of money by making mobile apps. You can determine which type of apps you would like to create and which type of audience you want to target. 

Tips to Succeed with Your Side Hustles

Side hustling might give you the promise of earning more cash, but it will come with certain consequences. For instance, with side hustling, it means that you will need to spend more time to work on your projects. Your side hustling projects might require more focus and concentration for you if you want to succeed with them. So, be sure to keep this in mind. Here are some tips to succeed with your side hustles:

  • Manage your time well. It’s important for you to manage your time well because you are working on two different jobs when you have a side hustle. Be sure not to mix your primary work time and your private time with the time you use for side hustling.
  • Be selective in the projects you choose to work on. Many side projects you will find will require a lot of time to complete, so be mindful when you choose the projects to work on. Again, you need to manage your time well and choose the projects you can work on without giving you too much stress.
  • Don’t make your side hustles a priority. Always prioritize your primary job and don’t use your side hustles as an excuse for you to run from your primary work responsibilities. Find a good side project you can work in your spare time without disturbing your day job.
  • Take enough rest every day. Resting is important both for your mind and body. Working on side projects might cause you to spend too much of your energy. So, it’s important to have enough sleep when you’re working on your side hustles.
  • Don’t let the side hustles stress you more than your regular day job. Your side projects should be fun to do. It would defeat the purpose of side hustling if it will only give you more burden and stress you out. Use side hustles as your way to give yourself a fresh perspective, so that you don’t trap yourself in the rat race.


These are the side hustle ideas you can follow to earn additional income online. The additional income you receive will vary depending on the projects you take. It’s important for you to learn about the requirements for each project before deciding on which one to work on. Good luck with your new endeavor!

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