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7 Important Tips to Make Money from Freelancing Gi

What’s the best way to earn money online for beginners? Taking some freelancing gigs is the best way to earn some quick money online. Beginners and professionals can do this to expand their portfolio and pave their way into a successful business endeavor. Just like any other business, freelancing will give you the opportunity to meet with new clients, take orders from them, and work with them for the long-term.

Freelancing has so much potential to give you a good steady income online. Yes, if you do it well, freelancing can even make you rich. You just need to know how to do it, and how you can offer your service to your clients. Here are 7 important tips to make money from freelancing gigs:

  • Pick the Platform You Want to Focus on

There are various freelancing platforms available, so it is best for you to focus on one platform. Using different platforms at the same time will only make it difficult for you to manage your accounts. Each freelancing platform will require you to pay certain fees. You will only spend unnecessary money when you use different platforms for your freelancing gigs.

Tip: Visit each platform’s website to find out the information about fees, requirements, and related information. Decide on the platform you will focus from now on.

  • Focus on Your Specialty and Get to Know about Other Freelancers

You also need to focus on providing services based on your specialty and primary skills. Again, focusing on too many niches or categories will only confuse you later, and it can also waste plenty of your time. Yes, you can delegate other tasks to other freelancers. But let’s focus on the one you can do by yourself. Remember, freelancing is all about providing your own services to others.

Tip: It’s good to find out some information about other freelancers in the same category as you. You can learn a lot from them, including how you can price your services, how you can deliver it, how you communicate with your clients, and so on.

  • Create a Site that Showcases Your Work

It is best for you to have a site that you will use to showcase your work or skill to your potential clients. For instance, if you provide a web design service, it’s good to create a portfolio website showcasing all your previous website designs, so that your potential clients can see the quality of your work. You will also need to put the information about how they can contact you or about the freelancing platform you are using.

Tip: By having a portfolio website, you will build trust and reputation for your freelancing service even before you accept orders from your clients. It’s also a good boost for your brand name.

  • Offer the Right Price for the Quality You Provide

Remember, pricing is important when trying to provide your freelancing service online, such as to the people who have never used your service before. Most people will compare the prices from one freelancer to other freelancers just to get the best deal. However, if you can provide high-quality work, many clients won’t care about the price you offer to them. So, pick the right pricing based on the quality of the work you provide.

Tip: Don’t put a high price for your freelancing service unless you are sure that you can deliver an exceptional work quality to your clients. The key is to provide more value than the price you ask.

  • Aim to Work with Long-Term Clients

It’s better for you to aim to work with long-term clients rather than trying to find new clients every day. By working with long-term clients, you will have almost guaranteed income, and this is a good way to build a steady income online from freelancing gigs. Yes, it’s a good idea for you to find new clients from time to time, but it would be better for you to focus on finding clients who will need continuous work from you.

Tip: You can always turn your new clients into long-term clients. The key is to provide quality work according to their expectations and to be reliable for them.

  • Spread the Word about Your Freelancing Service on Social Media Platforms

The freelancing platform you are using right now might already have the algorithm to help you promote your service to the potential clients. However, such an algorithm might not be enough for you to attract new clients for your freelancing service. Thus, it’s a good idea for you to promote your service on social media platforms, as words will get spread fast in social media. You can even turn your friends and acquaintances into your long-term clients.

Tip: Post some updates about your freelancing service from time to time on social media platforms. It will help attract interests from your potential clients to contact you and give you some gigs.

  • Keep Getting Better

No matter how good your work quality is, you always need to keep getting better at it. Remember, the world of freelancing will change from time to time. People’s needs will change, and the trends will shift. You need to keep adapting to the current situation, so you can keep your freelancing service relevant with the current trends and with the current needs of your audience. It’s the reason you need to keep getting better all the time.

Tip: Invest some money to improve your skills and learn new things. You also need to expand your specialty from time to time.


These are the important tips to make money from freelancing gigs. Freelancing can give you a steady income online, and you can add more to your earnings if you can provide quality work for your clients. It’s important for you to build a good relationship with your clients, as they will come back to you again later or even refer their friends to use your service.

Remember, you need to treat your freelancing business as an actual business. Don’t do it with a lazy attitude. You need to keep being productive and deliver high-quality work within the expected timeframe for your clients. The more gigs you take, the better you will grow as a freelancer, and the better your income will be.

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